• Regional Tourist Interest Party
    Regional Tourist Interest Party

    Come and enjoy the best Carnival!

  • Local Parade
    Local Parade

    Sunday 27th February

  • Provincial Parade
    Provincial Parade

    Sunday 6th March

  • A program with multiple activities
    A program with multiple activities

    Parades, charanga bands, “El Rondón” Traditional Dance, Drag Queen’s Gala…

  • Fun for everyone!
    Fun for everyone!

    Carnaval de Cebreros… Wear your best costume!

Descubre nuestra tradición

Carnavales de Cebreros Carnavales

Cebreros Carnival is an important part of the costumbrist history from Ávila and even from Spain, and one of the most important festivities in Ávila Province. It was declared as Regional Touristic Interest Party in 2009.

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