In February 2012, the Cebreros Carnival Brand was presented to the public. The aim of the creation of this brand is to get a quality certificate that gives prestige to Cebreros Carnival in order to be recognized as Regional Tourist Interest Party. It is about establishing a visual identifier which reflects the characteristics of the well-known Cebreros Carnival. Likewise, with this logo is a reference for the Cebreros Carnival that is used in media, promotional actions, advertising and institutional acts.

From a graphic point of view, the logo has three different elements: the typographic logo in which you can read “Carnaval de Cebreros” with an explosion of colors, by reflecting the essence of the Carnival with colorful and original costumes; a mask made up of two “c”, one of them corresponding to Carnival and the other one to Cebreros, and both of them enclose the third element, the eyes that hide behind a mask, which may correspond to any of the thousands people who live the Cebreros Carnival.

Design: Cristina Recio González

Logotipo Vectorizado PDF