In February 2012, the Cebreros Carnival Brand was presented to the public. The aim of the creation of this brand is to get a quality certificate that gives prestige to Cebreros Carnival in order to be recognized as Regional Tourist Interest Party. It is about establishing a visual identifier which reflects the characteristics of the well-known Cebreros Carnival. Likewise, this logo is a reference for the Cebreros Carnival and it is used in media, promotional actions, advertising and institutional acts.

From a graphic point of view, the logo has three different elements: the typographic logo in which you can read “Carnaval de Cebreros” with an explosion of colors, by reflecting the essence of the Carnival with colorful and original costumes; a mask made up of two “c”, one of them corresponding to Carnival and the other one to Cebreros, and both of them enclose the third element, the hiden eyes behind a mask, which may correspond to any of the thousands people who live the Cebreros Carnival.

Design: Cristina Recio González

Logotipo Vectorizado PDF