The Local Parade takes place the first weekend of Carnival, on Sunday at 12pm.

In this parade, the groups from Cebreros participate, all of them divided into categories: children’s troupes, adults’ troupes, children’s floats and adults’ floats. The parade is opened by the Local Music Band, who plays the “Jota Cebrereña” and more traditional Carnival songs; then, the Housewives Association parades by dressing the regional costume, the “manteo”. Usually, some men go with them and they wear the regional costume with the Spanish cap and the “pirolo” hat. They walk in pairs, one in front of the other, dancing the “Jota Cebrereña”.

 After these two groups, that have been in charge of opening the Carnival parade for many years, the participants of the local contest begin to parade. In first place, the troupes divided into children’s’ troupes and adults’ troupes. They are followed by the floats which are also divided into these categories. Each group carries a poster in which people can see the category to which they belong and a number in order to facilitate the work of the judges, since they can see the parade well organized and it is easier in order to grade the different groups.

All participating groups aim for the Local Awards, which are:

  • 1º Children´s Troupe
  • 2º Children´s Troupe
  • 3º Children´s Troupe
  • 1º Adult´s Troupes
  • 2º Adult´s Troupes
  • 3º Adult´s Troupes
  • 4º Adult´s Troupes


  • 1º Children’s Floats
  • 2º Children’s Floats
  • 3º Children’s Floats


  • 1º Adult’s Floats
  • 2º Adult’s Floats
  • 3º Adult’s Floats
  • 4º Adult’s Floats

The winners of the first prize in each category are the ones who compete the next weekend in the Provincial Parade against the groups of the rest of the towns, except the winners of the Children’s floats, since this category does not exist in the Provincial Contest.